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Sola Risotto

Perched on your plate is a mouthwatering risotto. Each grain of Arborio rice, plump and glossy, is bathed in a savory broth, resulting in a creamy and velvety dish. A sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano adds a sharp, nutty bite, while earthy mushrooms provide a delightful texture contrast. The fragrant herbs and gentle whisper of white wine round out this exquisite culinary symphony.

Seafood Pasta

Before you is a tantalizing plate of seafood pasta. Perfectly al dente spaghetti intermingles with succulent shrimps, scallops, and calamari, each bathed in a zesty garlic-white wine sauce. Juicy tomatoes and a hint of chili offer a tangy kick, while a sprinkle of fresh basil and lemon zest lend a refreshing finish to this delectable maritime feast.


Ultimate Margarita

In your hand sparkles a freshly prepared Margarita, the quintessential summer refresher. A symphony of tangy lime juice, premium tequila, and orange-flavored triple sec mingles in the glass, each sip a dance of bright citrus and robust spirits. The rim, frosted with a halo of coarse salt, enhances the cocktail’s flavors, providing a savory counterpoint to the sweet and sour blend. The final touch, a lime wheel adorning the glass, infuses an extra burst of freshness. This Margarita is a vibrant, icy oasis, perfect for a sultry day.

Cuban Mojito

You’re holding a freshly made Cuban Mojito, an iconic blend of sparkling refreshment. Bright, fragrant mint leaves mingle with the tangy punch of freshly squeezed lime juice, creating a refreshing, herbaceous base. A generous pour of white rum adds a delicious depth and warmth, balanced by a gentle sweetness from a splash of sugar. Topped with a fizz of soda water and garnished with a sprig of mint, this Mojito is a symphony of flavors, offering a vibrant, cool respite from the heat.