Experience a blend of urban charm and vibrant nightlife at our one-of-a-kind venue. Boasting an intimate indoor bodega, a breathtaking rooftop lounge, and a subterranean den of excitement, we craft unforgettable memories just for you. Whether you’re in the mood to unwind in a laid-back atmosphere or dance until dawn, we’ve got a dynamic space that hits the mark. Welcome to your next favorite rendezvous point, where remarkable experiences await at every corner. Dive in, revel in the ambiance, and let your journey of unforgettable moments begin!


Experience the magic of personalized service with our dedicated catering team. From curating a bespoke prix fixe menu to offering a free-flowing bottomless bar, we’ve got it all. Add the pulse of a live DJ and the decadence of a custom cake, and your event transforms into a feast of senses. Your vision, our execution – creating unforgettable moments is our specialty.


Welcome to the crown jewel of Miami Beach – a sprawling, sun-drenched courtyard adorned with a mesmerizing fountain. With room for up to 400 guests, our venue effortlessly combines style, sophistication, and the iconic South Beach ambiance. As you breathe in the fresh coastal air, delight in the experience of sipping exquisite cocktails and sampling delectable treats served just for you.

This is more than an event space. It’s a lush, tropical oasis under Miami’s azure skies, designed to turn your gatherings into extraordinary celebrations. Discover the epitome of beachside luxury where unparalleled beauty meets first-class service. Your perfect Miami Beach event starts here!